Oracle Readings

This is a collective community reading connecting us to guidance and wisdom from our spirit guides, using multiple Oracle decks. I also discuss how to practically apply that wisdom in our day to day lives.

Membership includes video recordings of the readings, averaging 10-20 minutes in length.
Recordings do not expire, so they can be watched at your leisure. 

Videos are posted once a week to my website, and members receive an email notification once new readings are available.

There is a comment section for discussion if you feel inclined, but is not expected.

Monthly membership fee of $8.88 is for once-a-week readings, however I will leave space to share more if guided to do so.

What subscribers are saying about community readings:

“I continue to be amazed at how targeted and relevant your shares are! ...thanks so much for these messages!”

“I love this message so much, and I so needed to hear it today!”

“Iris, these are always good but today you were straight up reading my mail from end to end …Seriously, everything you shared was right on. Thank you friend as always!”

“Thank you so much, Iris. I truly feel like I am divinely guided to these messages”

“Loved this (as always) and also as usual lots of confirmations both big and small….Thank you as always for all the food for thought and encouragement.”

“As always, so encouraging and total confirmation! …Thank you as always for being amazing and being a willing vessel ❤️ You’re a gift!”

“As always so much goodness and lots to ponder. Thank you as always!!”

“Thanks so much!  I feel there is always something to gain from these readings.  Love this experience!”