The largest, most saturated, Natural Citrine I've ever seen from Zambia-and it is in the coveted "Twin/Soulmate" formation!



Twin/Soulmate formation

Dolphin Formation

Left Activation/Timelink window

Keys all around the base-some of which are self healed

Double empathetic tips



Approximately 8 14/16" long x 2 6/16" wide x 1 14/16" deep

Weighs just shy of 2lbs


Truly a one-of-a-kind specimen-I am excited for whomever this beauty chooses to work with <3


Attribute meanings:


~Citrine opens the higher mind to accept joy in one's life, releasing anger and negative feelings, deep-seated fears and destructive tendencies. An excellent crystal for overcoming depression, Citrine reduces the sensitivity to criticism and inspires creativity and self-expression. It raises self-esteem, and by letting go of the past, allows one to move forward optimistically, enjoying new experiences and explorations.

~A soulmate crystal does exactly what its name suggests-draws a soulmate to your side, although this soulmate may not be a sexual partner. Soulmate crystals are a pair of crystals approximately the same size growing from a common base, joined together along one side but with distinct and separate terminations. Tantric means " union of energies". Soulmate crystals are beneficial for all kinds of relationships. The closer they are in size, the more harmonious will be the partnership.These stones have a powerful message concerning the bonding of two people into a close and intimate relationship. They teach how to be unique and separate, while united in equal partnership. To be in a successful union, you need to be comfortable with yourself. If not, you will project your unresolved issues onto your partner. These crystals help you truly to know and accept yourself. As a result, interdependence and a deep intimacy with another person is possible


~A Dolphin is a small crystal attached to the side of a larger one, not sharing a common base. Dolphins are crystals of teaching, sharing, enlightenment, nurturing, watchfulness, playfulness, and responsibility.  They are eagerly sought to teach us how to fulfill our natural responsibilities to the generations that follow.

We are part of our species growth and development.  We have a part to play in assuring that growth continues, and that our species develops in a meaningful, and secure manner. Dolphin crystals are used extensively in meditation when one seeks to find ways to pass on knowledge, and to learn one's place in the natural evolution and growth of their family, and larger community. 

As a personal talisman, they make excellent aids in focusing and applying our efforts to educate, teach, and guide the young. 


~A left activation window is an extra facet that leans to the left. It looks like a parallelogram leaning left. These are time links to the past. They also activate left brain functions (such as logical thinking and analysis). Just as with the Right Activation crystal, work with the crystal of the hemisphere you tend to use less, and once you attain balance, work with both together.


~A Key on a crystal is an indentation left by the body of another crystal (either the tip or the base). Key crystals are good to help you unlock the answers to questions you may have. Keys open doors.


~As the name would suggest, Self Healed Quartz Crystals assist us in the art of self healing! Meditate with one and the crystal will share the journey it took to healing itself, and will share this information with you on spiritual, emotional and physical cellular/crystalline levels. This shared knowledge and experience brings about vastly accelerated levels of healing and regeneration within the self.


~Broken, chipped, and otherwise damaged crystals are called Empathic. Usually they are damaged in the mining process. Empathic crystals bring out compassionate feelings in us. When we see a chipped or damaged crystal, we tend to show it love. The crystal picks up this empathy and amplifies it. An Empathic crystal will encounter many people during its lifespan and each person that expresses compassion for the damage on the point increases the empathic energy of the point. It is a cycle that repeats. People who tend to not feel compassion still benefit from Empathic crystals because the crystals emit compassionate energy.

Natural Citrine from Zambia


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