These Manifestation kits come with everything you need to set your daily Manifestation intentions!


~Manifestation Journal (Three to choose from: Peach & Rainbows set; Turquoise & Botanical set; Crystals with fun stickers)

~Lisa Frank inspired Pen

~Five Lemurian crystal points from Serra do Cabral, Brazil

~Natural Citrine tumble

Crystal set includes:
~One tumbled Natural Citrine from Brazil: Citrine is the premier crystal of Manifestation, Prosperity, and Happiness
~Five Lemurian Seed Crystal points from Serra do Cabral, Brazil: Lemurians are a type of Quartz crystal, helping to amplify the energy of any intention or goal


Crystals sets will be similar to the sets in the photos. **Much like us, Crystals included in this kit may have imperfections. Please view these imperfections as our reminder that even though none of us is perfect, we are still beautiful, unique, and valuable <3

Manifestation Kit


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