Dark and mysterious; yet glows from within in the sunshine. This colossal Smoky CITRINE Cathedral Quartz from Brazil is a definite "one of a kind" specimen, with so many enchanting properties-I hope I can do it justice. *Another specimen that photos do zero justice for-despite how magnificent it's presence is in photos* This specimen is in the rare natural Cathedral Quartz formation.Inner child crystal, with surrounding manifestation crystals, within the tip.Uniqure starbrary markings all over all sides and faces-literally looks like little stars imprinted all over.Traditional and Trigonic Record Keepers.Isis face.Iron inclusions-making it a Golden Healer as well.Lineated sides.Three windows-two left activation, one traditional.Multiple Rainbow inclusions.Self healing.Looks to have tiny stationary air or water bubbles within.One key near baseCompletely un-polished.NATURAL Smoky CITRINE. Need I say more? I have been completely humbled to have been gifted the honor of holding this specimen in my shop, for it's true owner. Beyond grateful to be in it's presence for so long, and I am finally ready to share it's magnificence with the world. Measures: approximately 20" tall with stand and 15" x 8" x 7.5" without standWeighs: 32+ lbs with stand and28.5+ lbs without stand A cathedral is a crystal formation of one main central point and surrounding parallel ones usually of different widths and lengths, but shorter than the main crystal, all growing on a  common base. These crystals have doorways in their castling formation. To travel into the crystal, simply relax and gaze into the doorway. Once your mind, body and spirit are ready, you will see the doorway open and your consciousness will be drawn into the crystal. From there you can travel into different chambers and receive information that you are ready for at that time. You may also travel in inner and outer spacial dimensions in complete safety within the crystal. Inner Child Formation is when a crystal pierces another crystal, and the BASE of the piercing crystal is fully enclosed within the main crystal.With Inner Child Formation, the majority of the piercing crystal is located INSIDE the main crystal. Manifestation Formation is RARE, and is when a separate crystal(s) is located completely within another crystal. A true Golden Healer is defined as a crystal or crystal cluster with an iron oxide coating under or in between layers of crystal. A Golden Healer is a powerful healing crystal that allows the golden light of the Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra. The energy then spreads its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing. Lineated Sides are horizontal striations across the sides of a point. An Isis Face is a five-sided face on a crystal point. Isis face crystals have a distinct feminine energy (even if the point appears very clear and masculine). An Isis Face point usually feels majestic and feminine (much as you would expect a goddess such as Isis to feel). Isis Faces help you connect to all Goddess energy, not just the Goddess Isis. A window is a crystal with an extra diamond shaped facet. Window crystals are good for scrying and accessing other realms, as well as accessing our own soul (window to the soul). They are also a great tool for meditation. A left activation window is an extra facet that leans to the left. It looks like a parallelogram leaning left. These are time links to the past. They also activate left brain functions (such as logical thinking and analysis). Just as with the Right Activation crystal, work with the crystal of the hemisphere you tend to use less, and once you attain balance, work with both together. Record Keepers are crystals that have triangular markings on the faces. They seem to be three-dimensional, but they usually cant be felt with your finger. You have to hold a crystal at just the right angle in order to see the Record Keeper. Record Keepers contain special wisdom. They represent storage devices and have a special energy. A trigonic record keeper is a Record Keeper that is upside down, that you can easily see and feel. They are rare. These are crystals of transition. They are good for soul retrieval and can work as a key to the future. They have an interesting and unique energy. They feel like a traditional Record Keeper on steroids. The energy of a traditional Record Keeper is likened to opening a book, whereas accessing the knowledge of a Trigonic Record Keeper is comparable to walking into a library. As the name would suggest, Self Healed Quartz Crystals assist us in the art of self healing! Meditate with one and the crystal will share the journey it took to healing itself, and will share this information with you on spiritual, emotional and physical cellular/crystalline levels. This shared knowledge and experience brings about vastly accelerated levels of healing and regeneration within the self. This beauty ships FREE within the USA with FULL INSURANCE coverage. This beauty IS eligible for a payment plan, however Sezzle has a $2500 limit. Contact me to discuss payment options 💞

Mystical Elder

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