I have NEVER seen an Elestial this magnificent! Photos/Video do her zero justice. Each termination is perfection-individually it's own Shamanic Dream Quartz (AKA Lodolite/Garden Quartz).



Self stands


Too many double-terminated formations to count

Has multiple portals

Several Isis Faces


This one of a kind specimen was part of a collection shipped direct from Brazil to myself back in 2018, and I am finally ready to release it from my care. 


Measures approximately 7.5” x 5” x 3.75”, and weighs 3.5lbs.


*Photos are completely unedited, and were taken both indoors and outdoors for best visual representation.


I am excited for whomever this spectacular beauty chooses to work with <3


Attribute Meanings:


~Elestials I love first and foremost due to how they LOOK. To me, they resemble something that came off of an alien spaceship-completely ethereal, and hard to believe they grew naturally within the earth. Another crystal formation I have a collection of. 


Elestial formations are one of the hardest for me to verbally describe. If you’ve ever been to one of my live sales, when someone asks me what an Elestial formation is, you’ll most likely hear me say something along the lines of: “It’s like…square but not….stacked, but not… like…like a piece off of a spaceship. Here, let me just show you one.” I feel they are a formation you need to see and feel for yourself to get the best description/visual-so I hope my photos/video portrays what I’m trying to explain.


Elestials are a means of communication with your spirit guides. They help you to  connect with and receive their wisdom and guidance in a manner that is not overwhelming. Think of the Elestial as a spiritual cushion. Our spirit guides operate at a higher level of frequency/consciousness than sometimes our human bodies can operate. Elestials work individually with each person that uses them, acting as a spiritual buffer to allow the guidance from your spirit guides to be downloaded at a frequency you personally can adapt to, in order to receive the most benefit for your own spiritual growth.



~Lodolite/Shamanic Dream is a type of Quartz crystal with unique inclusions of many possible colors and types. No stone is ever the same. Often it has the look of gardens, landscapes, or underwater scenes. This is why it is known to offer a view into another world. Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness. It harmonizes the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body. Lodolite is a very powerful journeying stone on all levels; cosmic, soul and personal. Lodolite is also known as garden quartz or shaman’s dream stone and is pure magic. Within these pieces, history and time are captured. Healers call this the “Worlds Within Stone” and work with it for spirit guide connection and to access power animals during journey. Additionally, lodolite attracts energies of forgiveness and offers peace and tranquility. It activates the lower chakras and is a perfect stone to work with during transformation work, offering you strength along the way.  This exquisite gemstone leads you on a transformational journey, revealing your inner strength and courage. Lodolite will intensify your experience during shamanic journey, and you’ll experience heightened states of consciousness during meditation.



A portal is a formation where the crystal grows in a circular formation, with an empty space left within. The portal can be at the center of the crystal, or off to the side. But the crystal must go completely around the empty space.


The definition of a portal is a door or entrance. Portal crystals are gateways to other dimensions or times in space. Meditate with one when you are trying to access other dimensions, or past/future lives.



~An Isis Face is a five-sided face on a crystal point. Isis face crystals have a distinct feminine energy (even if the point appears very clear and masculine). An Isis Face point usually feels majestic and feminine (much as you would expect a goddess such as Isis to feel). Isis Faces help you connect to all Goddess energy, not just the Goddess Isis.

Extreme Grade Shamanic Dream Elestial Quartz


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